What to carry in your bag when you are going to travel in a long flight??

What to carry in your bag when you are going to travel in a long flight??

Travelling to London or America from Indra Gandhi International Airport OMG one has to pack CAREFULLY!!

My personal checklist:

 Wallet the most important and priority article to keep.

 Cash few hundred of your own currency and certain amount of the currency (as much as you wish) the country you are travelling to.

 Passport with printed ticket and a valid visa without which you could not be able to step inside the airport.

 Don’t forget to keep your id proof and some credit cards with you as the help desk of the hotel you are about to check in will surely going to ask about it. So better be prepared rather than unprepared!

 Ur phone the most important device and you can also keep a spear phone so you can call any of your loved ones back at home you are missing on the trip by inserting a local number of the country.

 Carry your makeup in your bag only which you may need during or immediately after the flight to as usual gorgeous. Please don’t make it bulky you only have to carry it!

 Your hair also needs attention at the end of the flight so keep spear hair ties as they have a bad habit if wondering away. Some ticktack’s & bob pins for buns for lazy people like me, and a comb to help clear up all this mess.

 Painkillers as people sum times have pain in legs from sitting in a single backache especially. Or at times from long walks in a city of your final destination and your own doctor prescribed meds as you won’t get the same in the other country.

 A lip balm or chap sticks to mend your lips.

 Eye drops (below the max limit or any medicated one as you may have red eye from sleeplessness in the long flight.

 A small bottle of your favorite moisturizer so your moisturizer doesn’t get held in the checking.

 A small bottle of hand sanitizer and some wet tissues.

 Look smart but wear comfy clothes because the flight is long and the attire should be decent warm like track pants, a hooded sweatshirt, and a scarf to look fashionable at the same time. Earplugs and the eye mask for the people who like to sleep like a baby without being disturbed.

Oops !! Forgot socks for the warm feet.

 For people who can’t sleep while travelling they should keep one or two glossy magazines with them.

 I pad/I pod/kindle (my favorite) for reading anytime (with their chargers).

 A notebook and a pen to doodle anytime anywhere.

 Always keep some munchies for the waiting time at the airport as you enter 3 hrs early for check in get some snacks like sandwiches or any food item u want to eat but I prefer mess free food so chips and some namkeens & sand witches are the best for me. An empty hot and cold thermos (which you should bring empty and fill the water from inside) and I bring with me a ready to drink coffee (birdy my favorite brand), which only needs hot water.

 Some mints wow fresh breathes any one can need it any time! So it’s me what I like to carry with me whenever I travel in long flights or anytime I travel they are my basic needs please share yours too that might help me and others.

Do let me know how you like it!

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