Top 10 Comfortable Brands for Curvy Females!

Top 10 Comfortable Brands for Curvy Females!

Just because some of us have curves it doesn’t mean that they have to hit the wall when it comes to shopping! Because, honestly, it’s pretty difficult to find clothes which would really fit like a dream! And when one do find clothes which would comfortably fit our curves?

Just so to spare you some extra aggravation for your next shopping trip, here are some amazing brands just to keep an eye out for. These are tried and tested, ladies – they surely won’t disappoint you!

  1. Mango

We love them for some smartly, fitted clothes which won’t feel like they are totally suffocating you?! For sure yes, Mango, one could easily LOVE Mango for all those and much more! A Special shout out mention for their Curve Sizes section, which would properly as well as generously cut all that work for most of Indian body types!

  1. AND

We love them for some of the best fit for the Western wear! AND also they have a huge variety & amazing collection the available section on many platform that a person could choose from.

  1. Anokhi

We love them for some clothes & design which have enough breathing room for all the curves which you’ll love to flaunt, without hiding them!

  1. FabIndia

We love them for all the Indian silhouettes for all of the Indian figures! This is where scribbler would give a thumbs up to shop for all your skirts and kurtas from! And at the same time we love their comfy pants as well as their beautiful dupattas and stoles too.

  1. Marks & Spencer

We love them as they are an ultimate destination for anyones lingerie shopping! They would always have that bigger sizes in their stock unlike any other store. Plus, their formal pants as well as their shirts are supper flattering without looking baggy in any form.

  1. Biba

We love them for their flattering styles which would nicely showcase all your curves in the best possible way! It is the perfect place to buy your Indian wear, and also those amazing dressy & ethnic outfits!

  1. Vero Moda

We love them for all of their easy fitting styles which would make the brand an amazing choice for some of the smart casuals! Their silhouettes are pretty flattering for all the body types and that’s just one of the reason we adore them!

  1. GAP

We love this brand for having one of the a widest range of sizes and the some of the most comfortable and flattering fabrics for your loved casual wear. They also recently launched in India!

  1. Bare Denim

We love them for their amazing Jeans which are a major necessity, but at the same time its tough to buy when you actually have a big butt to fit into! But Bare Denim here will end all of your problems!

  1. Jockey – Innerwear

We love them for some amazing for innerwear, as Jockey is one of the go-to for all or any curvy women! Especially when one is looking for some of the PERFECT sports bra.

So just scribble & let me know your favourite brand for your amazing curvy body!!

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