13 Party Tops You Won’t Believe!

13 Party Tops You Won’t Believe!

Too many parties but at the end of the day too few tops? You’re at the right place!
Lacy, floral, sheer, cropped or sleeveless, you can know about ALL! Check out the simple scribble of party tops!

1. One Shoulder Top
One could easily rely on a one shoulder top which would make you look always party ready. This is evergreen and pretty at the same time & also won’t out of style ever.One Shoulder Top
2. Pop Colour
Simply Add a dash of colour within your party wear with just a basic pop coloured top! You could Team it with some nice black leggings for one of the most comfortable party look and for sure you’re good to go!Pop Colour Top
3. Flower Power!
Floral tops could easily lighten up the look and would also make you look super stylish. For any girl who knows & loves florals, it is surely a perfect pick!Flower Power Top
4. Peter Pan Top
Any classic Peter Pan collar top is one of the recommendable ones especially for the days one want to look easy as well as chic. It’s always a great buy for any of the formal evenings with the office colleagues.Peter Pan Top
5. Get Cropping
A nice & chic crop top is always a must-have in your wardrobe for some of the impromptu parties! One could easily Pair them up with nice & elegant high-waist pants or a skirt if you are a shy one & at the same time don’t want to reveal too much of the tummy.Crop Top
6. The Classic Black Top
Black tops are one of the essential part of our wardrobe it is surely a must have within any wardrobe. It would always rescue you when you can’t simply make up mind on what to wear.The Classic Black Top
7. Georgette Top
Any sort of georgette top is simply a good idea for the day one plan to go out for some formal evening with their family! Simply to make subtle style statement.Georgette Top
8. Go Sleeveless
Sleeveless tops could be ones best friend if they just style them the right way. Wear them with a nice high waist culottes for having the best result!Sleeveless top
9. Monochrome Love
Some of the classic combination of black and white is very elegant, sophisticated as well as chic at the same time it is also an essential in every girl wardrobe!Monochrome Top
10. For The Love Of Peplum
A cute peplum top is all you need in your wardrobe to simply stand out in any of the party! You could simply wear the top with a nice pencil skirt for some classy look.Peplum Top
11. Quintessential Halter Top
As a girl one should know the art to give the crowd a simple cold shoulder in their halter top and you are ready to turn heads!Halter Top
12. The Sheer Top
Sheer tops have a nice way of making one look hot as well as pretty at the same time! Just glam the top up by simply wearing the top with your favourite jeans and you’re all set for the day or night.Sheer Top
13. Lacy Affair
The perfect combination for chic as well as flirty at the same, this top would be worth splurging upon! Kill this with elegant lace top at every party one goes.Lacy top

Simply scribble and let me know about your favourite top.

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