11 AMAZING Fashion Gifts For Your BFF!

11 AMAZING Fashion Gifts For Your BFF!

If you love your bestie but at the same time it isn’t any easier to find her the most perfect gift. Now is your time to get more creative! But at the same time that doesn’t mean one have to burn a down a hole in their pocket.

Here are 11 products Scribbled especially for you & your BFF, all within budget!

1. Pin on some style
Broaches are one of the cool and edgy sort of gift one could give to their bestie. And especially if she one of the person who loves fashion, then surely she would love to have some multi coloured piece to simply add a dash of fun to her clothing she wears.brooches for women

2. Sunglasses check
For superb a fashion freak, as she is then for sure she gotta have some cute case for her favourite sunglasses. A chic girl can’t surely live without some of the fab pair of sunglasses.Sunglasses for women

3. Add a charm
Who would say no to a funky and sexy jewelry? A simple & cute bracelet would go a long way in simply making a loud statement. Gift your BFF this would be a blingy baubles with a nice quirky twist to it.charm

4. Say it with a bag
A tote bag is sure one of the perfect gift for any college going girl. Just gift her a tote to your bestie and just let her carry her world in it!tote bag

5. Flash the tattoo trend
Flash tattoos OMG the major in trend, this tattoo could be printed anywhere either on your wrist, ankle or even on your arm it is definitely a worth flaunting trend with your bestie. a total unique gift which would surely make her super-duper happy!Flash tattoo

6. A notebook as pretty as her style
This is totally a girly idea, fun chic notebook could be your own way of telling her that she should pen down her story. A pretty diary is a total keepsake gift, & she’ll remember you forever & ever!funky notebook

7. Fashionable talk
Your favorite phone case is a total important accessory, since it would go everywhere with you. So, why not to get her the trendiest as well as prettiest and most picturesque phone cover so that she is always reminded of you when she picks up the phone.funky mobile covers for girls

8. Time for some fuzzies
what does a bag looks without a nice chic bag-charm hanging’ along it. This fuzzy, is one of the perfect way to one to add it on tote.fuzzies

9. Brighten up those lips
one of the most important makeup essentials for any girl who’s just can’t resist any of the funky side of the lipstick. So, what better to gift than the shade one’s been eyeing at? It’ll make her always pout ready!Lipsticks

10. Fusion staple separates
If your best friend is in love with the ethnic or even the fusion wear, some jackets are really nice idea to gift her. They could be some nice chic & at the same time a reasonable one too. Pair the same with some jeans and a top or even with a kurti.jackets for girls

11. Watch out for the wallet
What could be a better gift than a nice chic and sassy wallet to store all money in? The wallet is super amazing idea yet a simple & brilliant way make her love you more every time she uses it!wallet

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