Ways To Look Relaxed and Rejuvenated

Ways To Look Relaxed and Rejuvenated

  1. Sleep… But Don’t Oversleep!

As we all are aware that how important ones beauty sleep is, so simply make sure that one is getting enough shut-eye all the time to simply allow their skin to repair as well as rejuvenate. Also make sure one does not oversleep. Some people function perfectly well on a 6 to 7 hours while others would need 10. Just Figure out what’s best for your body and stick to the same.

  1. Relax With A Face Mask

One’s skin deserves some uber extra love as well as care ever so often and the best way to simply pamper it with some nourishing DIY facemask. They simply require some common ingredients to hydrate ones skin to give it a glow. With the help of some Milk, yogurt, bananas, honey, rose water as well as multani mitti are some things you’ll find lying around the house which are great for giving you silky as well as soft skin. Once or twice a week is way more than enough for visibly healthier skin.

  1. Put The (Vitamin) C In Complexion

Vitamin C is like a superstar for the skincare as it would simply help you smoothen skin, brightens it and also helps in fighting any ugly signs of ageing. Using a serum or any product containing Vitamin C is always a good idea for any sort of super healthy as well as fresh looking skin. Eating foods which are rich in Vitamin C are also important to give one a clear and healthy as well as happy skin from the inside.

  1. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub

A simple exfoliation once or even twice a week is way important for seriously dewy skin. If one doesn’t scrub their face regularly, dead skin cells could easily build up on the surface layer causes dullness. An easy DIY scrub to make is to mix equal parts water with equal parts of baking soda, stir the same well and apply it on to the face in a circular motion. One could also simply add some sugar granules to their cleansers.

  1. Your New BFF Should Be SPF Clear as well as healthy

Skin is one of the key to looking good without makeup and that really isn’t possible if one doesn’t apply on some sunscreen religiously. There really is no two ways to think about it. Even a quick walk to the car or simply sitting and staring outside by the window is enough to expose their precious skin from the UV rays. Even if one doesn’t think they need to apply the same, one actually do. It’s the only way to fight the signs of any sort of ageing as well as dullness which is caused by the sun. Sunscreen will keep your skin looking way bright, healthy and young even when you grow older.

Follow these simple tips and remember do not keep touching the skin always, and for sure one won’t need to pick up their makeup brush so much. Remember, the moto bare is beautiful!

Do let us know your beauty regime by scribbling below!

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