Top Uses Of Curd for Beauty

Top Uses Of Curd for Beauty

As we all know that the curd is cold and made of pure milk and none of it have some unadulterated properties in it! So use of curd as many things like cleanser, moisturiser etc. Are many peoples holy grail.

Here are some natural remedies:

Face cleanser – Any freshly made mixture of curd and some rose water is significantly soft cleanser. Just have a nice and gentle massage with this mixture for a minute or two and let it seep into your skin and then wash it off the regular way you prefer with your any favourite cleanser and voila just watch the big difference. The skin would instantly look amazing soft fresh and alive!

Use Curd as an Anti-blemish pack – Just Mix some curd and a little bit of lemon together and just apply the mixture on your most affected areas. Leave this mixture on for about for least 15 minutes or so and then rinse this off with mild water. You can see a nice difference just after the first use of applying the mixture and if you use it on a regular basis then one could see some pretty lasting results.

Anti-dandruff scalp cleanser –When some mixture of curd and lemon is applied to your scalp it acts as a very effective and an amazing anti-dandruff treatment as it has a very high anti-bacterial properties present in them. Apply this mixture over all your scalp before applying any shampoo. Leave the mixture on your scalp for about 15-20 minutes and rinse it with some luke warm water. It would thoroughly cleanses the all the scalp and will also reduce the product formation on the scalp as well as any sort of dandruff formation.

Use curd as a nice Conditioner – its Curd is a wonderful conditioner as it is owing to the essential minerals and lactic acid it naturally contains in its content. It will defiantly leave your hair amazing soft silky and smooth at the same time. It can be used in two ways use it as a conditioner (a) mixture of curd with henna or(b) mixture of curd with olive oil when your hair feels dry and unmanageable and damaged for long. This will definitely make your hair shiny and lot more manageable at the same time and i can bet this cure will give you the results which is way better than any of the so called expensive conditioners or any other packs you spend your splurge on.

Curd can make you look at the time of curing your acne – The property of zinc within the curd is an amazing property for fighting any sort of acne. Just take a dab of plain curd and apply it on the ugly zit before bath and wash off same time you take bath. You will definitely see some reduction and defalameation in the formation of zit due to dirt and germs.

Use Curd as a nice Moisturiser- A nice and fluffy mixture of curd and honey never lets you down. When your skin gets dry and asks for something more being lifeless. Then this mixture of some nice lactic acid and honey immediately smoothens your skin and adds a nice and healthy glow texture to your skin.

Use Curd as a Massage cream – A very famous mixture of curd and turmeric is my grand moms ultimate favourite massage cream for the DIY’s facials and it will also enhance your complexion at any day wonderfully!!

A superb Exfoliating scrub –To make a natural and healthy exfoliator Use curd and some oats to give a depth to the exfoliator or you can also use the curd mixing it with some gram flour for an exfoliator as the holi is near and be amazed by its texture and how amazingly it works when you come home after playing with some water proof colours. You will see some effective exfoliators with some renew to the skin.

Use Curd as a natural Anti tan – being on the beach and even after applying some anti-tan lotion we get prone to being tanned pretty easily. We all do come back and use many products either commercial or DIY and for sure none have come closer to curd as it beats them all at the time of de-tanning. Its the most effective, quick, at the same time soothing and a very effective one.

Best one for your Anti-ageing problem–Take a mixture of curd and at the same time some olive oil when you mix it together and apply it becomes one of the best anti-ageing mixture. When applied on a continuous interval to some period of time it will definitely bring difference to your skin. It will definitely show signs of softens, hydrates your wrinkles, will make your skin plump and will help in reducing the fine lines and all those ugly age spots.

I hope you like the natural product curd and its some forgotten uses. It is Holy Grail for me and many people. Do let me know your way of using curd as a natural product by simply scribbling below!!

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