Top Homemade Turmeric Face Packs

Top Homemade Turmeric Face Packs

Anti-Acne Face Pack with Turmeric:

Red sandal wood powder – 1 to 2 tablespoon as per the quantity you are
willing to make.
Ambi Haldi fresh Powder if possible– 1 tbsp to 2 tbsp

Freshly made neem leaves paste – 1 tsp – 2 tsp

Honey organic- 1 tsp.

Neem Water – as it isrequired to make a nice and thick paste.

Mix well the ingredients red sandalwood powder and haldi together. Now slowly Add some honey as well as some freshly-made neem paste. Now Add some of the neem water to make a fine paste. You could Apply the same on after cleaning your face thoroughly and keep that pack for at least half an hour to around one hour. This pack would surely help you combat some severe acne situation.
Homemade face pack to lighten complexion
Rice flour- 1 tbsp

.Ambi haldi powder if possible freshly made – 1tbsp.

Green tea – 1 tbsp.

Milk with malai – 1 tbsp to 2 tbsp

Honey – 1tsp (optional).

Mix rice flour with freshly made Ambi haldi powder. Now simply Add some milk cream as well as some green tea to it. Now you could Add honey and mix well everything you have poured in a freshly cleaned container. Apply this pack on a freshly washed face and neck and let it dry. Rinse this pack off with luke or cold water and follow it up with a nice and cold moisturizer. You could surely see the difference after a few weeks of using this pack regularly.
Sandalwood and turmeric face packs

Ingredients Needed:

1 tablespoon to 2 tbsp of sandalwood powder.

1/2 tablespoon turmeric freshly powered.

2 to 3 tablespoons of honey.

Mix the sandalwood powder as well as turmeric together. Slowly Add in the honey and mix the paste well. Apply it on the freshly washed face and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes and rinse off with luke or cold water. Moisturise it well and see the difference.
Besan Turmeric and Milk Powder Face Pack:
This pack would give you a nice and glowing skin with its regular use.
Ingredients Needed:

1-2 tablespoon besan.

1-2 tablespoon oats.

1-3 table spoon milk


Rose water.

Pinch of turmeric freshly grounded if possible.

1 Green tea bag.Clean bowl and a spoon.


Mix well besan, haldi, and some milk powder all at once. Now slowly add some freshly grounded oat powder to this. Open up a freshly used tea bag, simply take out the leaves, now add it to the above mixture. Slowly add some rose water to for a nice consistency of your choice. Mix all ingredients together to form a nice paste. Apply it on a freshly cleaned face, rinse off the same off after 20-30 minutes. Regular use would give you a nice and clear skin.


Papaya and Turmeric Face Pack To Remove Tan:

Ingredients Needed:

4 pieces of ripe papaya.

1 tablespoon of ambi haldi or freshly grinned powder of possible.

1 -2 tablespoon of honey.

Mash up all the pieces of papaya well, and add some freshly grounded turmeric and honey to the nicely mashed pulp. Mix all the ingredients well make it a nice thick paste so that it is easy to apply. Now simply apply the thick paste on freshly washed face, keep the same for about 20-30 minutes and wash off the same to see your glowing skin.
Turmeric and Orange Face Pack For Oily Skin:
Ingredients Needed:

1 – 2 tablespoon besan.

1/2 tablespoon of fresh orange peel powder.

Apinch of turmeric.1 – 2 tablespoon of honey.

Milk as needed.

Mix all the ingredients well together and apply the same on the freshly washed face and neck area for about 20- 30 minutes. Wash it off and apply some oil-free moisturizer on your face. This face pack would surely reduce some oil from your face and would give some nice radiant and glowing skin.
Do let me know which one of them is among your favourites by simply scribbling below!

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