Tips to take care of your Nails in Cold Weather!

Tips to take care of your Nails in Cold Weather!

Hasn’t the fall arrived! OMG! Slight chilly nights and cozy blankets peeking from your cupboards so dam fabulous!! Love the smell of the change amazing weather and cozy walks with your loved ones. Wow just wow… But, as the season revolves from summer to fall and from breezy fall to chilly winters, the days also takes some toll as they become shorter, colder and all the humidity in the air depletes thank god for that. At the same time the Indoor heaters create dry and some pathetic desert-like conditions for us and slowly we feel pretty comfortable in that cocoon. You tend to wash our hands more frequently to avoid any germs on them to affect you causing cold and flu, due to which our skin is being constantly effected by the rapid drop and increases in the temperature differences between both outdoors and indoors. Nothing you do or say about the cold weather helps your skin retain its most needed moisture in it. As your skin needs to stay hydrated at any time of the day or year, but this constant change in the temperature leaves your hands cracked, dry and rough.

There are certain simple steps which you could follow to keep them hygienic and well maintained throughout the year, especially in colder seasons.

One should always Keep Their Hands and Feet Dry – as we all know that the molds and fungus always thrives in dark, damp and wet places, you should always be sure to dry the water from between the toes after every time you take a shower. You should make sure that you change your socks right after you are done with your exercise, and put them to wash immediately.

Water Transfer is Crucial for Nail Care – When the water is trapped under your nail bed, it would definitely tend to soften your nails and make it very very difficult for you to either polish or adhere the nails. If you have Wait at least a couple of days before putting new nails on; back-fills are most prone to susceptible for damaging nails. If the nails are not properly removed, then the UV-cured nail polish will trap some water within its coating and that can lead to fungal infections or excessive dryness in the months of extreme temperatures.

Hydrate as much as you can-well Moisturized nails will never become dry, brittle or at any time break easily. Nails tend to chip because they get dry too fast, just as they tend to get soft when you’re just out of the hot/cold shower. Nail polish makes a cover on the nails which helps to prevent them by forming a protective cover on the nail. Which tends to protect them from drying out too quickly. Massaging oils on nails can also help to prevent any further moisture loss or chipping of the nails.

Go natural go safe– Let your nails breathe some softness by keeping them away for a few days from the nail polish. It’s very important to give your nails a break from any sort pf nail polish every now and then. Especially when you are wearing acrylics on your nails or any sort of UV-cured nail polish. UV-cured nail polish blocks the nails from getting any sort of moisture which can cause excessive dryness in your nails in the the colder weather.

Massage your nails regularly – Increase the blood circulation in your nails by lightly massaging them for 5-7 minutes daily with any coconut, olive, or almond oil. This will definitely strengthen your nails and encourage their growth on a much faster pace with strength.

Always Practice Safe Mani-Pedis – Be salon smart person. Carry your meni pedi kit with you so that you yourself have to take care of the hygiene. The main instrument is safe and you don’t have to worry about any infection or fungus.

Say no to cuticle cutting – Stray far far away from any sort of cuticle cutting as that can cause various infections in chilly weather. One of the best thing to do is to keep cuticles healthy and show regularity in Moisturizing them. You can do so by using any sort of hand cream or Vaseline it keeps them rejuvenate and also helps by preventing them during the winter months.

Hope this will keep your nails healthy and moisturised this winter season If you have any other steps or hygiene do let me know by simply scribbling below!

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