Skincare While Travelling

Skincare While Travelling

While traveling you should not forget to carry your make up kit along with your outfits, footwear and medicines. Skin care is an important part of traveling. All the products which should be a part of your make up kit.

  1. In summer vacations while traveling to the nearby places, remember that summer season is a very humid and sticky season. A light make up is always suitable in such a weather. Apply hair spray to your hair before going out in the sun, it will protect your hair from sun and dirt particles. It is better to get your waxing, threading and facial done before going on a vacation. It will not only give you a new look but will also help you in looking picture perfect.
  2. In summer time mostly people go to hill station. According to the climate of a hill station, choose make up of a bright shade. Do not apply heavy make while traveling as it will make you feel uncomfortable. While choosing bright shades of make up keep in mind the color of your skin and choose accordingly. For an efective skin care always include a sunscreen, cold cream, toner, and a moisturizer in your makeup kit.
  3. If you are going on a beach make sure to carry a sunscreen lotion of a good quality along with you. To save your lips from getting parched in the sun carry petroleum jelly or a light lip balm. Sun rays can damage your skin, before applying any cream or lotion make sure that it has sufficient amount of SPF in it to protect you from the harmful sun rays. Instead of your regular kajal carry a waterproof kajal with you on the beach. You can use it as a kajal as well as an eye liner.
  4. People who love adventures don’t hesitate in going to deserts even in the summer time. In deserts the dark shades of makeup are comparatively more famous. It is not a good idea to keep your hair untied amidst the sand storm of the deserts. Carry some pins and rubber bands along with you. Use eye shadow of a light color and use baby oil to remove makeup.

Dressing up correctly while traveling is equally important. Before going out on a vacation make sure that you choose your dresses according to the climate of your destination.

  1. On hill stations the roads are not even and you might face changing weather. Carry loose and comfortable clothes with you. Inspite of carrying many heavy coats with you carry some light but warm clothes. Instead of carrying different colors, carry common colors like black, brown, grey, etc. You might have to walk a lot in hilly areas therefore you should carry your sneakers and flats with you.
  2. If you are going to a warm place, clothes made of cotton fabric are better than any other fabric. In such places there is always a danger of skin tanning, to prevent it wear full sleeves clothes instead of the half sleeves one. Clothes of light shades will be more soothing and comfortable. You can also wear long skirts to prevent your legs from tanning. Do not forget to carry sunglasses and a cap of a good brand.
  3. If you are going on an island or a beach, carry shorts, gowns, swimwears and dresses of a light fabric. Even if you do not like swimming you should always carry a swim suit with you. Do not forget to carry your flip flops, sunglasses and an umbrella.

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