Right Way to Oil Your Hair

Right Way to Oil Your Hair

Here are some mantras for oiling your hair which one must keep in mind before you go for the next champi session!

  1. Lukewarm oil for luxurious hair

There are many people who use hair oil straight right from the bottle and directly onto the hair. Instead of doing this, one should always try to heat the oil until the oil is lukewarm then one must apply it on to their hair. Lukewarm oil would always help in stimulating the hair follicles, which would in turn mean a better, longer, and more luxurious hair!

  1. Tangled tresses are a no no!

Before one begin the oiling on their hair, simply run a comb gently through it to detangle all the hair. After oiling, always make sure that one shouldn’t tie or twist their hair tightly as that could easily tangle them. Instead of it, gently comb the hair again with a nice and wide-toothed comb and also simply use a nice clutch to keep them off from falling on the face. Tangled hair would defiantly lead to more damaged ends it would also result in hair fall.

  1. Don’t pour…Always

Part your hair and then massage the oil upon it. Instead of simply pouring the oil all over the hair as well as on scalp, make sure you use both your hands to make a simple and clean parting of your hair and pour a small portion of oil there. Repeat the same process all over the scalp and massage all over gently.

  1. Don’t use TOO much oil

We know that dry hair often seems to drink oil up, but don’t make the mistake of using too much oil on your hair. Excessive oil just means more shampoo while washing it off, which can cause more dryness. Use
an adequate amount of oil on your scalp and spread it through your hair with your fingers.

  1. Don’t rub with your palms

This is one of the mistake which many of us have learnt from our dear grandmothers! But please don’t rub your palms all over the scalp by way to of massage on it. The easiest way is to Use fingers instead. Rubbing vigorously with your palms could lead to hair breakage and also weakening them further, so it is best to avoid which is harmful for us.

  1. Massage for 15- 20 minutes

should never massage hair for too long as it could weaken the hair strands for sure. Many a times, a good 15 to 20 minutes of massaging is perfect!

  1. Steaming = stunning hair!

Always After oiling your hair, make sure you always lock the moisture within by simply steaming your hair. For this Use a hot towel to wrap your hair in and let it stay for about 05 to 10 minutes. But Make sure the towel is not too hot, as that could damage the hair texture.

  1. Choose the right kind of oil

You should always choose the right kind of oil which is perfect for your hair type as well as need.
There are some people who swear by the coconut oil for their hair, while there are others who prefer olive oil. Olive oil works the best to moisturize all the dry ends rather than being helpful in scalp massages. One need to choose the right kind of oil for your hair and purpose!

  1. Don’t be irregular with oiling!

Oiling is must in once in two months which would not benefit within your hair in any way. If you are oiling, always make sure that you do so for at least once a week to see visible results by your eyes.
Do let me know your way of massaging your hair well, by simply scribbling below!

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