Making Your BB Cream The Way You Like It!

Making Your BB Cream The Way You Like It!

Long Lasting primer


Step 1:
Have a small container, it could be any sort of container but make sure it has a lid on it.

Step 2:
My advice to make small amount on the first try but after that you can make as much as you want. For it to be successful do Squeeze little amount of moisturizer into your chosen container. I would say that just squeeze some appropriate amount out of moisturiser, but at the same time not too much also, as it would further make the BB cream oily and it should also not too little as it won’t give the main benefit of the moisturizing which is the most important step for this cream.

Step 3:
Now in this step just Squeeze a bit of the sunscreen in to the mix. Important point is to Make sure that it is just in the appropriate amount nor too much nor too less, as too much would make your mix oily as well too little would make this step absolutely useless. The Sun protection is the most essential ingredient in this process and this step is a big must. One could also use their normal or everyday sunscreen or any regular sunscreen with some pigments within it. It would be supper great if it was some sort of waterproof sunscreen too. It would be a total no on the recommendation on using some of the tinted ones though. But it would be a high advice for using the sunscreen which have SPF over or around 30+ UVB with UVA PA +++ protection.

Step 4:
Now its one of the fun time to just throw a little primer in the mix there for some nice and long lasting effect at the same time. This would also help the BB Cream stay put all day long. One should always use a primer according to their skin type, the result of which would turn out amazing.

Step 5:
This is the fun step as you are in total control over here. The shade of your BB Cream would always depend upon the shade you chose for the foundation. You could always make it as light as possible or on the contrary as dark as possible. Tinted moisturisers don’t work for me but at the same time one could make amends and simply scribble below about it how it went!

Step 6:
Now just the most simplest part where you just Grab a some clean Q-tip or a cotton swab and mix all of the components together well. Mix it well so they are not seen separate.

After that, voila you have your very own made from scratch BB cream which is specially crafted for you with your very own and favourite ingredients.BB Cream is not at all oily and at the same time it is very easy to blend within your skin. If you are paranoid about the sunscreen part, you could simply wear a layer of your sunscreen right underneath. Also, in the comparison to any other skin perfecter, this cream is very lightweight as well as it gives a one a very natural finish on the skin with a bit of a dewy look.

Do let me know how you like this self DIY cream by simply scribbling below!

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