Lemon’s Importance In Your Beauty Regime

Lemon’s Importance In Your Beauty Regime

Lemon contains huge amount of citric acid hence it is one of the great aliment for treating your acne problems. The vitamin C which is heavily found in citrus fruits is the key to your healthy and glowing skin while it also helps in killing the bacteria which is known to cause acne. For this simply apply a fresh lemon juice on to your acne and leave it overnight. Wash your acne effected part as well as your face with water in the following morning. There may be some sensation of burning at first, but for sure you would manage it for good. Do not use the same upon your bad acne case or any sort of open wounds.

For the calluses one should Place a freshly slice of lemon on to the corn cover and bandage the same. Dabbing the calluses affected area with the lemon essential oil would also help for the faster healing process.

Fresh Breath:
If you have a complaint for bad breath then you should Rinse your mouth as many times a day as possible with some of the fresh squeezed juice of 1 lemon with a glass of some lukewarm water.

Age spots and freckles:
To lighten your spots or any sort of freckles, try to apply lemon juice directly to the said area. Let the same mixture sit for at least 15-20 minutes and then wash the skin clean.

For some amazing nails simply Add the juice of 1/2 lemon to a single cup of warm water and also soak your fingertips in the said mixture for at least 5-10 minutes. Now rub a lemon peel onto the nails to brighten and lighten all the yellow marks onto your nails.

Use lemon juice on blackheads to help them get exfoliated. You can also wash your face with lemon juice plus water for a natural cleanse.

For deodorising simply mix 1 part of freshly squeezed lemon juice with 2 parts of water, now one may mix the same and store it for daily purpose in a freshly washed spray bottle, keep spraying the same mix into your underarm throughout the day to simply eliminate any sort of body odour as well as to lighten your underarm skin.

Simply squeeze fresh lemon juice at least two tablespoons lemon juice massage it well into your scalp and rinse the same with water. Repeat the process till you can visibly see the dandruff vanishing.

Flaky elbows:
For this Mix baking soda with some freshly squeezed lemon juice to make it a little scrub, then rub the same into your elbows and use it as an exfoliator.

Foot scrub:
Take half of a freshly squeezed lemon and dip the same in the sugar. Now one should Use the sugar coated lemon to massage well their feet.

To make a moisturizing mask for dehydrated skin simply mix honey, lemon and some olive oil. Leave the same for about ten minutes or so and rinse the part you apply the moisture.

Use freshly squeezed lemon juice, with some rose water with distilled water in equal parts and store the same for daily use in a spray bottle, Use the same at least thrice a day as a toner for your oily skin.

Hair Conditioner:
To Make this hair mask you would require some lemon juice, honey, mayo and olive oil mix them well and leave it on your hair for about 20-30 minutes and rinse the same with shampoo the following day.

When Lemon juice is mixed with the cucumber juice it could really aid in removing your ugly scars. Make an equal amount in mix of freshly squeezed lemon as well as cucumber juice and apply the same upon your face thoroughly. Leave the same for about 15-20 mins, use the same at least thrice a week.

Do let me know if you have any other tricks with lemon up onto your sleeves by simply scribbling below!

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