Homemade De-Tan Remedy

Homemade De-Tan Remedy

Every girl wants “the perfect solution” to get rid of the tan which is totally ruining the look. Ladies here is a super effective, tried as well as tested method to remove all of your summer tan.

You Need!Every ingredient which you would require to make this simple and all-natural scrub as well as polish which id a 2-in-1 tan removal all the item could be found within your kitchen at home, so there’s
not a bit of hassle on spending a single penny on all those useless chemical-based creams and the pastes.
1. Gram Flour (besan): 8-10 tablespoons
2. Lemon: 2 (based on size and the amount you want to make)
3. Turmeric (haldi): A pinch
4. Curd: 4-5 tablespoons
5. Sugar (non-powdered): 2 tablespoon
6. Sandalwood (chandan): A pinch or two (if available otherwise could work without it also)
7. Extra-virgin Olive Oil: 8-10 drops.

Easy method to Make It?
1. Use a freshly washed medium sized bowl which you are comfortable take it along with you to the washroom.
2. Simply pour the gram flour within the bowl along with some pinch of turmeric and sandalwood if you have. Gram flour would act as the base which would hold some of the great qualities for your skin smoothing as well as the replenishment, while the turmeric and amazing sandalwood would add some of the much required natural glow to your skin.
3. Now add some sugar in the above mixture which would act as a natural scrub for your face as well as the body.
4. Now it’s time to squeeze some of the lemon(s) into the mixture. Lemons are one of the natural as well as most readily available bleaching agents.
5. Curd is another one which have a great cooling as well as the softening effect upon the skin. You could also add it to the mix.
6. Now simply take a clean tablespoon and mix all the ingredients until it becomes a semi-solid paste.

This whole process would takes max 5 minutes once you have all the
ingredients and voila! All you would be having is a natural as well as
a skin friendly scrub and polish to remove all your tan!
What to do With It?
1.Simply apply a fine layer of your mixture with the help of your fingers. If you are applying it upon your arms and legs then generously rub it all over otherwise for face a gentle layer would also work.
2. Keep this mix on for about 25 minutes or until the paste dries on your body.
3. Finally you could simply scrub it off in the shower with some lukewarm water.
4. Once all your body is cleansed and de tanned form the mixture, you could pamper your skin with some nice shower gel.
5. Dry your body well and moisturize it for further softness. if you have some left over mixture right after you’ve de-tanned, you could also store the same within your refrigerator for anytime reuse, by simply adding some curd.

Do let me know your favourite de-tan method by simply scribbling below!

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