Home Remedies For Some Common Face Problems

Home Remedies For Some Common Face Problems

Treatment to scars

Take some neem leaves and then wash and dry them properly. Then after drying simply crush those into fine form of powder using a mixer would be a good idea for this. Now one should simply take the remains of freshly squeezed lemon peel and crush it into a mixer separately, and then sundry the same mixture. Now take some mild toner or some rose water mix the both with the neem powder as well as the lemon peel, and apply the mixture upon your washed face. Leave the same on for about 10-15 min, then simply and gently scrub the same and wash it off.

Repeat the same process as often as you would like. This works process would work slowly and would definitely help the same for scars. If you want some more freshness one could simply add some dried curry leaves powder too within the mixture.
Spot Treatment for Pimples

Mix some clove cream, as well as tea tree toner, with fresh neem powder, as well as fresh lemon peel powder and apply the mixture on the pimple. For sure by morning the size of the pimple would be reduced for sure this would also help in your acne spots too for acne it would work slowly for sure.

Few some more of quick tips

1. If the winter lotion feels heavy at the time applying in summers, you one could simply add aloe vera gel in it and apply the same. It would feel lighter as well as cooler in the end.
2. Simply mix some fresh Coriander juice with some fresh peppermint leaves it would help in cooling down the redness as well as the acne. If you have an oily skin you could mix the same with some multani mitti. The same for normal to dry you could simply add few drops of glycerine in the mix.
3. Freshly crushed corn flour mixed with some fresh cucumber juice would surely help in whitening of your skin.
4. For quick scrubs mix sugar with your regular face wash. You could add pinch of dry neem leaves to face wash.
5. One could simply Sun Dry lots of neem leaves properly and then grind them finely down to powder. This comes Down as a very handy face packs as well as scrubs.:).

Do let me know if you also have some crazy ideas like me to add in this the just don’t hesitate to simply scribble down.

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