Green Tea Face Scrub: Do It Yourself

Green Tea Face Scrub: Do It Yourself

As we all are aware that how good a green tea is for our health. It may taste a bit bitter to some, but once you get the hang of it, you might start liking it. Same is the case with some good facial scrub for yourself. A facial scrub which have some green tea extract within it. It should also have some good reviews online, but for sure one would be a bit disappointed as that product might is not be available in within India. So, why not to make your own green tea scrub. So, simply go and gather all the ingredients and make your own green tea face scrub.

1 spoon full of loose green tea, or 2 to three green tea bags.3 spoons of sugar.1/3 cup of boiling water. Clean container and a spoon

Step 1: One must have all the ingredients at the time of starting the process. Now, in a clean container, put the tea leaves or the tea bag whichever is easily available for you and pour the hot water over it and let the same brew for a while. Let the green tea bag or leaves be submerged within the water until it would completely cool down, this would allow the tea to be perfectly brewed.

Step 2: After 45 minutes to an hour, when the water totally cools down, simply take out the tea bags or save the tea in to a container and keep the green tea concentrate aside for a while.

Step 3: Now In a clean bowl, simply add 2 spoons of sugar and with that also add 3-4 spoons of green tea concentrate within it, mix the same well with a spoon. As water is cold not hot, the sugar won’t be easily able to dissolve.

Step 4: Now, one could add the remaining one spoon of sugar and mix it well. You could also increase the amount of the green tea liquid or even the sugar to get your desired consistency, but the result of the contortion should not all be solution liquid, sugar particles should remain in it.

Step 5: Now, as your green tea facial scrub is concerned it is ready. You could easily Transfer the same into an air tight container to simply keep some for future use. Always remember to apply the contortion it on your face in a nice and circular motion using either your fingers or a clean cotton pad. I would strongly suggest for using of a cotton pad as the tea liquid would get absorbed within the pad and would be able to apply it better and less in a messy manner. Lightly one should scrub for about 2-3 minutes, then wash the face with some nice Luke warm water.

That’s all one needs to do to get some soft and clean face. Also, one could add some extra ingredients within the scrub as per their need and requirement. You can simply add some honey for moisturizing the skin, or some lemon juice if you have very oily skin; however, Or could also use the scrub as it is.

Do try making this scrub and let me know what wonders it worked for you by simply scribbling below. Till then, happy scribbling. And scrubbing!

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