Cold Water Bath Vs Hot Water Bath

Cold Water Bath Vs Hot Water Bath

Before coming to a conclusion of an old age question i.e. whether you should take bath with cold water or with hot water, let us first know the benefits of both.

Cold water – Taking a bath with cold water can at times be unbearable but has many benefits. If you cannot bear the whole cold water bath you can use it at the end of bathing. The change in temperature would boost your thinking process and will extricate all negative energy from you.

  1. Cold water helps in getting a refreshing morning. It also helps in fighting laziness and makes you feel energetic.
  2. Taking a bath with cold water would help you in getting rid of the negative thoughts thus saving you from falling in the pit of depression.
  3. Showers with cold water are better for your hair and skin than warm water. Warm water dries your skin and often leads to flaking whereas cold water hydrates the skin and add a glow to it.
  4. By boosting the cells which fight infections it makes your immune system work well.

Warm water – Hot water bath is all you long for after a busy and tiring day. It is like a home massage to you which relaxes your body and cells.

  1. Hot showers help in relieving tension and stress. Due to overload of work you might gat stiff muscles at the end of the day. Hot water helps in curing it.
  2. We often boil water to kill germs and bacteria in it. This proves that high temperature kills germs thus taking bath with hot water cleans the body and removes all dirt and germs. It prevents acne, rashes and many other skin problems.
  3. Hot water removes unwanted acids and sugar from your body making you less prone to diseases and diabetes.
  4. If you fell congested due to cold or any other reason then a hot water bath is all you need. The steam of hot water on entering your nose and throat will make the congestion melt therefore giving you instant relief.

You should keep in mind various factors while choosing the water temperature to take bath with. Some of them are

  1. Time – The time at which you take bath is a very important aspect of bathing. If you take a bath in morning, cold water would fend away all your sleepiness but if you prefer taking a bath before going to bed, a warm water bath is more preferable as it will help you in sleeping comfortably.
  2. Habits – If you do regular workout at gym or any other similar physical activity, you should use hot water while bathing. It will dissolve the sweat and dirt on your body easily.
  3. Age- Children and youngsters should use cold water while elderly people should always use hot water. With the growing age certain bones and muscle problems tend to develop in the human body, hot water would act as a healing force to them.

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