Best Uses Of Rose Water For Skin & Beauty

Best Uses Of Rose Water For Skin & Beauty

Rosewater is a must for your skin as well as your hair. It is packed with lodes of antiseptic as well as anti-bacterial properties, rosewater is very gentle and it also suits all the skin types, right from oily, dry to sensitive and irritated. Here are seven ways one could incorporate rosewater in their beauty routine.

1. Cleanser
Once you have completed your cleansing routine, you should apply the mixture of lemon juice and some chilled rose water upon your face. Rinse the same after a minute with the cool water. This would completely remove any leftover makeup as well as the dirt.
2. Control oil secretion
Rosewater is a god send blessing for people having oily skin! It would reduce any sort of oil secretions and would also cleanse out the pores from deep within. Make a smooth and nice paste simply with the
splash of rosewater as well as multani mitti. You could easily apply a very thin coat of the same on your face and let it dry. Rinse off the pack with lukewarm water.
3. Razor burns
Suffering from any sort of razor burns? Just simply Damp a cotton pad with cool rosewater and sweep gently over the irritated area. This would surely soothe, cool as well as soften your skin.
4. Soft, silky strands
Once you have completed applying your shampoo as well as conditioner which is your normal routine, now for something new just try and mix two tablespoons of rosewater in one cup of water and simply pour them
through your strands. This would make your hair silky and fragrant in this scorching heat.
5. Toner
just simply Replace your toner with the rosewater. As we all know it’s an agent containing anti-bacterial properties, it would surely soothe any form of irritation, acne-prone skin and would also hydrate the
same it as well. Simply just pour some cool rose water on a cotton ball and would also swipe it across your face in a gentle gesture.
6. Mist
just Pour some rosewater in a small and handy spray bottle which is easy to carry everywhere. Spritz nicely just before applying your makeup to so that it could prep your skin or you could also spritz anytime you feel hot and bothered

Do let me know your favourite way of using rose water in your daily regime, by simply scribbling below!

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