Beauty Benefits Of Sugar

Beauty Benefits Of Sugar

A Cup Brown Sugar (when not available One could simply use White Sugar, it also would work great as well).• Olive Oil (small amount to simply wet the sugar).• fresh Juice of one lemon.Mix all the ingredients well and then simply scrub it all over your body generously. Just go and have a bath after a few minutes of the application of scrub and for sure your skin would glow as well as get moisturized well.

Sugar scrubs are one of the gentle and on a less dehydrating side than salt scrubs as well as they could be used by all the skin types.

To Make Scrub for Face:
If you want to use the scrub on the face always use more milder version of the scrub which could be created to be use on face.

For making the scrub, simply take:
• 1 tablespoon of finely powdered brown sugar.• 1 tablespoon of sesame oil.• A few drops of the eucalyptus essential oil. All of this mixture could be well mixed and also kept in refrigerator. One could Use the same for three to four times a week especially at night and for sure you would wake up with nice and glowing face each morning.

Brown sugar would deeply cleanse, tightens pores, as well as improves your skin texture. Sesame oil would allow the scrub to glide on smoothly and also would add on added advantage of hydration.

Sugar-Coffee Cellulite Scrub (For all that Extra Flab):
one cup of brown sugar, and one freshly grounded coffee (I prefer grounded coffee powder instead), a dash of olive oil or almond oil whichever is easily available with that a tablespoon of honey. This is optional, one could add in essential oils of their choice as well. One could simply combine everything in a blender and blend until the consistency is totally even. You could simply apply the same about four or five times a week and for sure one could feel the difference.

Do let me know how it worked for you by simply scribbling below!

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