7 Homemade Remedies for Hair Split Ends

7 Homemade Remedies for Hair Split Ends

These are a few remedies which one would like to try out as well as simply find out which one would suit you the best.
Just Mix some small amount of castor oil/ olive oil / almond oil (whichever is easily available) into the oil of your choice on the regular basis oil). Most people generally add about 2-3tbsps of castor oil into the oil of your choice of simple bottle (250 ml). Or one could also add all three of them in the equal proportions (1 teaspoon each) within the regular oil of use. Now one should make sure to oil their hair-ends well.

Generally the hair ends are the ones which have split appear on a light coloured than the rest of your hair. Mixture would not only help the hair grow but at the same time it also prevent the hair ends from any sort of discolouring. One should Use this mixture to oil their hair at least twice a week.

Massage hair & scalp with warm oil also wrap the head with the shower cap and leave the same for overnight or for at least 8-10 hours if one leisure have time. Wash.Alternatively, about take ½ cup oil in about ½ cup boiling water in a bottle and seal the same tightly. Shake the bottle vigorously. After some time one should Massage the same mixture thoroughly into the hair from root to tip and cover with shower cap after applying the oil. Leave it onto the hair for about ½ hour, then wash.

A papaya pack would be a great as well as a natural care of the ugly hair split ends. One should simply Take 2 big slices of nice and ripped papaya. Also Remove the skin as well as the seeds of the ripe papaya and blend it in a blender. Now simply add a half cup of yogurt and apply thoroughly onto your scalp and hair. Wait for about 30 minutes then wash it with warm water. If one don’t have papaya they could use a ripe banana instead.

Grind 1Tbsp of methi (fenugreek) seeds with about half a cup of urad dal to make it a coarse powder. Now add half a cup of yogurt and mix the same well. Apply generously all over ones scalp and hair. Wash the same after 2-3 hours with the warm water.

Take about 4 cups of warm water and now add about 1-2 tbsp of honey into the mix and mix both well. Once you are done with shampoo as well as conditioning also the rinsing, now is the right time to apply that mixture all through your hair. Do not rinse this again. This mixture would not only make your hair soft and also gives it a shine to them; it also helps in retaining the moisture within the content into your hair so that your hair won’t look dry or frizzy.

Always remember to use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Never to use the hot water. Hot water would deplete the moisture content of your hair.

Do let me know your home made remedy for hair by simply scribbling below!

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