7 Beauty Habits Every Girl Should Have By The Time She’s 20!

7 Beauty Habits Every Girl Should Have By The Time She’s 20!

We all know that our daily habits of beauty influence our regime. There are some little things which every girl should be doing as well as aware, if she wants to look the best version of herself for always. We’re referring to clear, radiant skin and healthy, lush locks to die for. Simply get closer to those dreams by making some simple efforts. Here are few important beauty habits that every girl should be doing by now. Read on to see if you could tweak your routine to look fabulous always.

  1. Exfoliate ALL Over : This simply gets rid of any rough, dead skin giving you much smoother skin which would absorb all the moisturizers and lotions in much better way. So always remember to timely exfoliate everywhere, even your underarms as well as lips.
  1. A Makeup Routine That Works For You: Instead of blindly experimenting with the makeup trends all the time try to figure out a routine which would work for each one of you. A good foundation/BB cream which would even out the skin tone as well as brightens it, a mascara or a liner which would make one’s eyes look even more gorgeous, a lipstick shade that would simply make your slips pop – your routine should always be something that one have mastered as well as make one feel confident about but at the same time not too made up.
  1. Mix And Match Your Shampoo And Conditioner : An amazing idea to use variety of  products for hair simply to address all its different concerns. Just like making a cocktail of shampoo + conditioner for making your hair more lively & keeping it in best & healthy shape. The cocktail of it should be to protect your hair & not to distruct them.
  2. No Sleep Till Your Makeup Is Off The cardinal beauty rule, one should always live by but have ignored it at some point. Try to make it a habit that one couldn’t fall asleep till their face is squeaky clean. There is no clear & healthy skin if you don’t take this one point seriously.
  3. Wake Up Your Skin : This is one of the awesome beauty habit that would help feel instantly refreshed, especially during the grimy heat. Carry some of the facial mist along (a rose water mist is one of the best but its up to u to choose your favorite) to beat the horrid heat, it’s a simple way to wake your skin up and let it stay fresh for a long time with all its glowing effects. Running the ice cubes over the face is also one of the simple way to brighten up dull as well as tired-looking skin to simply help your eyes look much fresher and less puffy.
  4. Bring A Spark To Your Skin : As you all have perfected your cleansing, moisturizing as well as exfoliating routine and for better results you also use sunblock, but at the same time bring that wow complexion one should know it needs some extra boost. Either a facial oil or some serum which gives something extra to your skin which is needed to simply keep it hydrated, looking fresh & at the same time young and glowy. Just a drop or two a day is sufficient enough as these are extremely concentrated.
  5. Clean It Up : Always make sure you clean your makeup brushes as well as sponges after couple of uses for healthy skin of yours. Otherwise, it is one of the fastest way to irritate the skin & also to cause a big ugly breakouts. Always make sure that you throw out all the expired cosmetics to avoid any sort skin infections and rashes.

Do scribble & fill us about your daily regime which you all can’t live without.

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