7 Age-Old Myths About Hair Care You Should NOT Believe

7 Age-Old Myths About Hair Care You Should NOT Believe

We all have grown up believing certain beauty rules which were passed down to us from the older generations, mothers and grandmothers, especially those which are so called dos and don’ts which give us long, strong and unachievable dreamy strands. But what if the Scribblebyday tells you that some of those are simply just not true?

Here are some hair myths which one need to stop believing in ASAP!

Myth 1: Brushing your hair a 100 times makes it shiny

You all must have heard about this myth that if you would brush your hair about 100 times before taking a nap it would make your hair shiny. Not at all true. Excessive brushing could actually ruin your hair as well as its texture! Brushing too much would easily damage the hair cuticle and would also cause loads of frizziness as well as the breakage. Do Brush your hair but, until it gets detangled and free of any sorts of knots – and then please forget them and leave them alone!

Myth 2: Don’t pluck a grey hair because two will grow back in its place

Again, it is not at all true. Do not go into your panic mode in any case just because you have accidentally pulled a grey strand of your hair. Plucking a grey hair would not cause two grey hair for sure back in its place. But, it could easily lead to thinning and weakening of the hair. So if you do spot a stray strand of grey, just let it be and enjoy having something different then rest of the crowd!

Myth 3: Trimming regularly makes hair grow faster

Your hair always grow from the roots and not from the ends, so trimming them regularly would not at all affect the rate of growth of your hair at all! However, it is well recommended that if you would trim your hair once a while that is in every three months it would surely help in making your hair appear lot on the healthier side and would also get rid of all the split ends.

Myth 4: You should always towel dry your hair

Nope null. If one steps out of the shower and would like to reach for the towel just to start rubbing their hair vigorously, please please stop! Towel drying the hair could cause breakages as well as hair weakening. Instead of it, gently try to squeeze the excess water out from the hair using a microfiber towel and then simply use a wide-toothed comb to detangle them.

Myth 5: You should skip the conditioner if you have greasy hair

Greasy hair is simply caused by the overactive sebum production on the scalp, and at the same time skipping the conditioner won’t do any good to you. If you are the one with the greasy hair, use conditioner just on the ends, and then use some oil-control shampoo to reduce all the oiliness.

Myth 6: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

One should lather as well as rinse, but at the same time one shouldn’t the repeat! Most people do not need to repeat the process after shampooing just hair for once. It would only strip the hair of their natural oils. So at the same time Shampooing twice every once in a while would be totally okay if your hair feels dirty, but don’t make a habit of the same.

Myth 7: Sleep with your hair open to make it grow faster

Sleeping with the hair open would prevent all the unnecessary pulling as well as any sort of breakage, but at the same time it won’t make the hair grow longer. One should never sleep in a tight ponytail as it could cause any sort of tension at the root which in turn could weaken the hair. Any sort of loose bun or even a braid is a safe option just to keep the hair safe from any sort of damage as you would twist and turn all during the night.


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