6 Simple Ways To Get Glowing Skin – From Head To Toe!

6 Simple Ways To Get Glowing Skin – From Head To Toe!

Making your skin glow is not always a tedious, as well as a time-consuming process. As we are always running late and pressed for time, in this we mostly tend to forget about our skin. With some of the simple tricks, one could now get your skin to have a natural healthy glow.

1) Double cleanseFor The Face

Always remember to Wipe off any sort of makeup as well as the dirt particles using a simple makeup removing wipe or some of the a baby wipe. Remember to follow this regime up with the face wash. This would definitely ensures that all the dirt would thoroughly be remove from your skin, which would be then prepped for absorption of all the skin care products.

2) Use a loofahFor the Body

One should Give their skin a boost of freshness by simply using a loofah or scrub gloves which ever one prefers in the shower. You should always Use it with some creamy as well as a rich body wash to simply avoid the stripping of too much skin too much of its natural oils. This is the best as they do some of the best thorough job for exfoliation of the body skin while it stimulates your blood flow.

3) Steam – For The Face

Steam always opens up all the closed pores and helps in releasing the toxins right from beneath the skin through induced sweat. Best is to Use facial steamer with a few drops of your favourite essence like lavender/ chamomile/ rose essential oil etc.

4) Moisturize – For The Body And Face

Just make it your thumb rule to never skip the moisturising part for your face as well as the body. Just simply pour on some of the moisturizer within minutes of stepping out after the bath/ washing face to simply avoid that tight feeling on your skin. You could simply incorporate moisturiser within your daily routine to simply give your skin that most required healthy glow.

5) Soak your feet – For the Feet

Soak your feet into the warm water which is already infused with some of your favourite foot soak or some essential oil which could easily make a relaxing effect for your whole body. It easily softens the skin on the feet, which easily makes it lot easier to remove off those yucky flaky bits. Just simply enjoy a rich foot cream rub afterwards and also wear socks to let it sink for longer time it.

6) Hydrate – For the Body and Face

Drink a healthy glass of water as soon as you rise and shine for the day. You should follow it up with the glass of lemon water and honey. It would simply hydrate the whole system which was deprived of water simply because you were asleep, to again kick-starts the metabolism, also give your skin some hydration glow for the long run.

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