5 Ways To Manage Your Colored Hair

5 Ways To Manage Your Colored Hair

Hair coloring can be regarded as one of the most important decision in a girl’s life as it changes her entire look. A lot of planning and research is required to choose a perfect hair color. But the battle does not ends here, once you get your hair colored a lot of care is required to maintain it. The onset of our very beloved monsoon season makes it even more difficult to do so.  Often people end up losing the shine of their hair color in this season. But you don’t have to worry about your hair color losing its shine or intensity. You can just read the hair care tips for your colored hair given below and flaunt your hair strands confidently.


1) Do not go out with wet hair as at that time the cuticles of your hair are open which allows the outer pollution to enter your hair. Pollutants like sulphate, phosphorus, potassium and sodium easily sticks to your wet hair and makes it weak. It also leads to the fading of hair color. Even if you go to the best salon, the hair coloring process would lead to some damage to your hair. To minimize the effect either do not go out of your home in monsoons or tie a scarf around your hair every time you go out.

2) Apply hair serum after washing your hair. It will help in closing the cuticles and will also make your hair soft and smooth. Apart from adding smoothness to your hair it will add a shine to your hair color. Hair serum is a regular product but girls hesitate in using it due to the fact that it might lead to early greying of hair. When you apply serum on your colored hair, the thin layer of hair color acts as a barrier between serum and your hair cells.   Therefore it will only add shine to your color but will not damage your hair.

3) If you haven’t colored your hair yet and are thinking of doing it or if you are willing to   change your hair color to get a new look then you should wait for the monsoon to pass. Monsoon is the most unfavorable season to get your hair colored as in this season the color fades very easily. Taking care of the colored hair becomes most difficult during the monsoon due to high humidity and pollution. Your hair color is likely to lose its shine due to the rain. Once the monsoon goes away it would be a perfect season to get your hair colored.

4) To nourish your hair you can use a hair mask once a week. To make a hair mask at home pluck some neem leaves and keep it in the sunlight for two days. Crush them to make a fine powder, add two spoons butter and one egg to it. Mix the ingredients using an egg beater or a mixer. Apply it to your hair and leave it for some hours. Rinse using cold water and shampoo. Neem present in this mask would protect you from every kind of infection while egg would add strength to your color and would prevent hair color from fading. Besides this butter would add a shine to the color.

5) To make your colored hair look stylish you can try braiding your hair. Colorful strands between your braided hairs would look fashionable and stylish. Apart from this you can also make a messy side low bun. To get a natural look instead of a make-up look on your face pick out some strands of your hair from your bun. It will not only enhance the charm of your hair color but will also give you a natural look. If you have a thin volume of hair your use a colored ribbon ribbon between your braids. It will make your hair look thick and healthy.

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