5 Ways To Be Beautiful Without Makeup

5 Ways To Be Beautiful Without Makeup

As much as one love lipstick, blush and as well as the few swipes of some magical concealer, one would also love to go makeup-free at times more often than with makeup. Well, with certain amazing tips one could easily go makeup-free way more often than ever and would also still look fabulous. Just follow these tricks:

  1. Hot Water And Lemon For Super Fresh Skin

A simple cup of hot water with lemon every morning is super-duper healthy to flush out any of the toxins within your body as well to awaken ones skin. This would help you to get rid of any sort of impurities on the inside which would reflect on the outside as a brighter, clearer complexion. Also, one should make sure that they’re drinking plenty of water around the day to stay well hydrated.

  1. Up Your Cleansing Game

A Clear skin is the most important step for any sort of healthy as well as fresh skin. One must cleanse their skin at least twice a day, on daily basis – once in the morning and the other time in the night before sleeping especially. It’s the only way to wash away and get rid of dirt, grime, oil as well as pollution. Just make sure you dont do over about it as even over-cleansing or cleansing your skin too often could be total unhealthy. Stick to twice or at the most thrice on certain days, but nothing more than that.

  1. Get Your Brows On Fleek

Your eyebrows could really make a lot of difference to your overall appearance. Well-defined as well as well-groomed brows would pull all your pretty features into focus and frame your face. At the end of the day just Be careful about their shape. Fill them in with a bit of eye shadow if you need to.

  1. Get Glowy With Your Moisturizer

Ladies, there is no need to tell one the total as well as the complete importance of moisturizing ones face diligently, but do just for fun try this sneaky but a popular tip to give your skin a really pretty glow by, simply Just adding a few drops of illuminator within your moisturizer and dab the same onto the high points of the face for some nice luminous effect.

  1. Ice Yourself

We believe this is one of your skins favourite thing to be treated with. In the morning, simply take an ice cube and let it melt along your cheekbones as well as your temples and most important around your eyes in a very gentle as well as in the circular motions. It’s one of the easiest and freshest way to wake up ones skin and totally brighten it up. It’s practically a super mini-spa experience, for your skin and its totally free!

Follow these simple tips and remember do not keep touching the skin always, and for sure one won’t need to pick up their makeup brush so much. Remember, the moto bare is beautiful!

Do let us know your beauty regime by scribbling below!

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