5 Home Remedies For Facial Hair You’ve Got To Try Today!

5 Home Remedies For Facial Hair You’ve Got To Try Today!

From longer-than-we-like that annoying ugly upper lip hair, so at the same time we’re no stranger to any sort of facial hair. And since it is the face we talk about, the remedies such as waxing and threading could be super-painful so for sure it is out of window.

But, you all would be very much relieved to know that now you could actually deal with ugly facial hair naturally at the comfort of your home, for both reducing as well as removing it.

Try Out An Egg MaskEgg Mask for facial hair removal

This mask is very easy to make and all the products which one would require could be found easily in their kitchen.

Step 1 – simply crack an egg and only empty the whites of the egg into a clean bowl.

Step 2 – now Add 1 tablespoon of white course or powdered sugar with that simply add half a tablespoon of corn flour.

Step 3 – Mix all the 3 ingredients well, by using a freshly washed brush, apply the same paste gently upon the portion of once face which have a facial hair.

Step 4 – Leave the same on your face for about 15-30 minutes, or until the egg mask dries upon your face.

Step 5 – Using a clean rough cloth, simply wipe the mix off.

Step 6 – After the process, simply splash a chilled water upon your face and pat dry the same with clean towel.

Crystal Sugar & Lemon MixCrystal Sugar & Lemon Mix for facial hair removal

When sugar, water and lemon juice are merge together, it definatly does wonders upon your skin as well as it is the same for anyone’s unwanted hair. The sugar aids like an exfoliator at the same time lemon juice have some nice bleaching properties.

Step 1 – In a freshly washed bowl pour some water, then imply add a tablespoon of sugar and stir well.

Step 2 – Wait until all the sugar crystals are dissolve and then simply add about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into the mix.

Step 3 – Using a ball of clean cotton, apply the liquid on your face.

Step 4 – Leave the mix to simply dry on your face for about half an hour, then simply wash it off with the cold water.

Masoor Dal & Potato Mask

As we already scribbled above that all these ingredients would be within the kitchen. As we know that both the ingredients make an excellent raw material for cooking, as well as they also happen to play a huge role in reducing facial hair.

Step 1 – Take a bowl of dal, & pour water into it, simply leave the dal till it soak overnight.

Step 2 – The next day, remove all the excess water out of the utensil and finely grind the lentils until it turns into a nice & smooth paste.

Step 3 – In next step, peel and mash the boiled potato until it becomes a nice paste.

Step 4 – Using a clean broad spoon, simply mix the mashed potato and lentils together.

Step 5 – Once both the ingredients are mixed well, now simply add a tablespoon of honey and some freshly squeezed lime juice to it.

Step 6 – Mix all the ingredients well together, and apply the same upon your face.

Step 7 – Leave it on for exactly half an hour and rub it off using your hands or a soft cloth.

Alum & Fresh Rose WaterAlum & Fresh Rose Water for facial hair removal

For this what, you need is to crush the alum stone till it would turns into a fine powder, or one could simply buy it from their local market. And some rose water too which is easily available in the market.

Step 1 – In a clean glass bowl, simply pour 2 tablespoons of chilled fresh rose water.

Step 2 – now add half a tablespoon of alum powder to the already poured rose water and stir well.

Step 3 – Using a clean spoon, see to it that the whole alum powder would completely dissolves within the water.

Step 4 – Dip a fresh ball of cotton into the liquid and apply upon the face.

Step 5 – Leave it on for about 10-20 minutes, then wash the same off with some lukewarm water.

Banana & Oatmeal ScrubBanana & Oatmeal Scrub for facial hair removal

Step 1 – Get hold of a nice ripe banana and mash the same until it turns into a nice & thick paste.

Step 2 – now Add two tablespoons of oatmeal to the paste and mix all the ingredients well.

Step 3 – Apply the same fresh paste upon your face and leave the same on for about half an hour, then wash it off. And pat down for drying.

Let us know your views on the above by scribbling below!

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