10 Mins Makeup Tips

10 Mins Makeup Tips

Due to tanned and humidity often our makeup loses its charm. A perfect makeup is one which stays intact for a long time and does not smudge even if you sweat. A light makeup is one effective way to escape it. Along with being light it should not take much time to get ready.

Some quick ways to get a mesmerizing look through makeup are –

1) Morning look – A makeup full of self-confidence and freshness is important to keep you fresh for rest of the day.

  1. a) After applying a moisturizer containing SPF, apply primer according to your skin Now apply natural golden mineral powder, it will prevent your face from getting oily and sticky. After this apply face powder on your face using your hands. Smile and apply pink shade of blush on the cheek bones.
  2. b) Apply waterproof eye liner. For applying a perfect eye liner stretch the corners of your eyelids and apply liner on the inner corners of your eyes. Choose grey or brown shade of eye liner.
  3. c) Use a light lip balm and after that apply a lipstick of baby pink or red color. Both of these shades suits all types and tones.

2) Night look – If you have to go to a party directly from the office get ready like this –

  1. a) Use a foundation which matches with your skin tone. Apply concealer on the dark spots and to equalise the uneven skin tone. Make sure that the concealer blends with your skin tone perfectly.
  2. b) While doing night makeup it is very important to highlight your eyes. Use an eye shadow of a pearl shade. Spread it starting from your inner eyelid to the ends of your eyes. Now dab an eye shadow of a dark shade over it. It should not cover the pearl shade but should enhance it. Apply the eye shadow of your favorite color on the remaining area of your eyelids.
  3. c) Curl your eye lashes and apply mascara. Highlight your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil. At night use lip gloss instead of a lipstick.

3) Beach look– You should take care of your skin while going on a beach.

  1. a) Use a moisturizer with aleast SPF 35 in it. During the day time apply it once again to gain maximum benefit.
  2. b) For your eyes use a waterproof mascara and an eyeliner.
  3. c) Eye shadow of a gold shimmer shade should be used and use a lip gloss instead of a lipstick.

4) Festive look – To get a glamorous look here are some quick makeup tips-

  1. a) Apply a BB cream after applying a moisturizer on your face. It gives a look of light makeup. If your skin is oily use a face powder to set it on your face.
  2. b) Use a mascara and an eye liner only. Apply a base on your eyes and spread a yellow and gold eye shadow on your eyelids. To give a glittery effect you can use a highlighter.
  3. c) Apply a little lip balm or petroleum jelly before applying lipstick of a bright shade.

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